Annual Progress Report / Auditor Report

Hi all,

Please remember to complete and send your annual progress report by June 15.

As you may have heard, the Saskatchewan Provincial Auditor has released a report that looked into Home Based Education Program Administration in Prairie Valley School Division. One of items highlighted was that some families had not been recorded as having submitted their Annual Progress Report. I don’t know the details behind the Auditor’s report, whether Home Based Educators had attempted to submit their annual progress report and had it misplaced by the school division, but we can expect that school divisions will be much more vigilant in tracking receipt of you annual progress reports, and also your 2018-2019 Notice of Intent and Written Education Plan.

To read the report, go to and you can read either the news release (summary) or the full report (home based education is chapter 7, about half way through the document).

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact SHBE (Greg Mile is the Regina zone director, Charles Audette is the Prairie Valley /Southeast zone director, and I serve as Director at Large and President).