Convention Volunteers


My name is Greg Mile and I am part of the 2018 SHBE convention planning team.

It is my hope to recruit some volunteers for set up and tear down duties in the vendor hall. The need is for Thursday evening, February 22, and Saturday evening, February 24, with the Saturday being the more critical of times. The vendors that come are usually one or two people with enough merchandise to make it a tough and slow job. The Saturday evening is the most critical because of the loading time, the number of vendors leaving and primarily only one loading door. So many hands go along way to speeding things up.

So this is the idea. On Thursday the vendors are able to move into the convention center at noon and they kind of trickle in slowly over the course of the day and into the evening. So if there are some folks ( teens) who want to come and hang out and visit and help when needed that’s great. There will be some of us there from noon on, you could come whenever or even drop off some teens to hang out with us.

Now Saturday is busy because the vendor hall closes before the final keynote address and many of the vendors are basically ready to go at that time. They are all in a bit of a hurry because they all have a drive to get back home. Once the moving starts everyone kind of falls into place and it is just steady moving out. Generally speaking it’s the teens who come to help the most as this all begins to happen during the final keynote address and continues on for an hour or so after. There is a session for the teens at that time as well, but if a few teens want to come and help the vendors it would surely be appreciated. Otherwise right after is good as well.

If you or your kids are able to help that would be greatly appreciated by myself the convention team and mostly the exhibitors. Feel free to reply to me at or you could call or text Greg 306-520-7171 if you want to help out or have a question.


Greg Mile