Friday ARCHE Afternoon Activities

Registration will open tomorrow at 8 am.

ARCHE Friday Afternoon Activities will run in the months of March and April at the ROC Church. The dates are as follows: March 17th,24th, 31st, and April 7th, 21st, 28th at 1 pm until 4 pm and will consist of 3 classes. We will have an opening time at 12:40 where we will sing O Canada , have prayer, announcements, etc. We will have a clean up at 4 pm- chairs stacked, bathrooms tidied, etc. -your assistance in this area will be greatly appreciated! The cost per family will be $40. Our theme for this 6 week session is “Countries and Cultures” and each of the classes will be based around this, a different country every week. Each age group will have a gym/active class, a creative/art class and a foods/snack class. So for example, if you choose to lead one of the gym/active classes, you will choose your active games based on the country for that week, and what games they play there! Please choose a minimum of 2 classes that you will be able to teach or assist with. There will be a coffee corner available for moms during their free class. A nursery room will be available for those with babies. The age groups will start with 4 year olds and go up to teens. Spaces for this are limited so please register soon if you are interested. We have space available for around 60 kids. Registration will be open now until we are at maximum or until March 6th. Contacts for this program – Sheri Mead, Charity Mile and Anna Mclean. Please be reminded that we, as the ARCHE group, are to follow the etiquette as outlined on the ARCHE website. It is as follows:

  1. Each family is responsible for their own children. If you, as a parent, are unable to attend please appoint another adult to be present.
  2. Children, including toddlers, should not be allowed to run in any facility, unless they have been given permission by the leader or the host.
  3. Children, including toddlers, should stay with their parents and not be allowed to wander. This is especially important on field trips. If your child is unable to co-operate, please be responsible and either carry the child or politely excuse yourself.
  4. Safety, manners, and our behavior need to be watched and checked. If we’re not, there’s others who are.
  5. The leaders of the group, field trip, or social event will be given the responsibility to ensure proper behavior. If need be, they have the right to approach members to correct or bring awareness to the groups etiquette.
  6. ARCHE will provide an area for children to socialize during family socials. Each facility will have different services but we ask that you watch your children and ask them to play within the designated area.
  7. Please supervise your children when they are using the washroom facilities.
  8. Adults, please be sensitive to the different events and keep conversations to a whisper or if possible, keep all focus on the event and visit afterwards.
  9. When registering for an event, please ensure prompt payment. You may lose your position if payment is not received. All organizers work on a volunteer basis and it is not their responsibility to ensure that your payment is on time. Their workload is big enough.
  10. Please try to be at least 10 min. early for scheduled events. Late comers will be allowed no more than 10 min. after the designated meeting time, before the group will proceed without them.
  11. If you have difficulty or a disagreement with a facility, or event please speak to the event leader and/or the group leader. Facilities are only being accessed, they are not responsible for the scheduling, payments, and programs offered. Our status with the community can be and has been jeopardized by complaints being directed to the facilities instead of the group leaders.
  12. Above all, please remember we are just a support group fulfilling the interests of our children. We do not claim to have all the answers and we do not have the expertise to provide all services. As people, willing to organize or offer a service and facilities become available, we try to access them.

"We appreciate everyone’s style but as a group we are held responsible. When out on field trips, or using another’s facilities we need to maintain a high standard of moral and respectable behavior. Please read thru so we can all be in union as we enjoy our various outings."

PS: This is in addition to ARCHE Co-op.