Guinea Pigs to give away. Ready this time!

To give away:

Our daughter is in University now and just doesn’t have the time needed for her two male long haired Guinea Pigs.

Toby and Cinnamon are about 6 years old and in very good health. This is a chance to enjoy pets without a long term commitment as the life expectancy is about 7 years.

These sweethearts are shy and a little skittish so will need gentle and slow hands. But they enjoy lots of activity around them.

I will provide: a large bale of Timothy hay that should last 6 months food and bedding (you can email me for more if you want as needed for free). Also water bottle. We have made a home with plastic sheet on floor (dollar store), old bed sheet and wood chips/hay bedding. Surrounded by wire squares (also included) that make cubes, so size and shape is adjustable and they can see everything around them. Or you can house them in a small pet enclosure if you have/choose.

Please call me if you are interested and we will email pictures.

Thank you,
Christine Rybchuk