Prairie Valley School Division Home School Registration Forms

Hi all,

For those of you in Prairie Valley:

Dear Home Based Educator,

SHBE is aware that Prairie Valley School Division (PVSD) has updated their website to include new forms and “exemplars”. SHBE does not consider the new forms and examples to be helpful because they considerably exceed the regulatory requirements. SHBE has made our concerns known to PVSD and will continue the discussion with PVSD and the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education.

SHBE recommends that Home Based Educators DO NOT use the PVSD forms. The key problems with the PVSD documents are listing minutes of instruction, elaborate goals, method of assessment per goal, listing curricula and resources for each goal, and expanding the areas of study to include subjects beyond English Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics and Science. To be clear, the written education plan must specify a method of assessment, but does not need to specify method of assessment per goal (indicating “Portfolio of Work” once in the written education plan is sufficient to specify method of assessment). Better forms are available from SHBE and HSLDA which meet all the regulatory requirements.

If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact the SHBE help desk, your zone rep, or your local support group.