The following are listings of either homeschoolers who offer musical instruction, or have offered to teach music to ARCHE members. We have provided this information below for your benefit, but please do your own checking and choose a music teacher who is appropriate for your child and family.

Disclaimer: These are items which may interest some ARCHE members, however they are not specifically ARCHE member events. Registration, fees and information are not collected by ARCHE and participants are not necessarily asked to read and agree with ARCHE etiquette.

Garry Paul – Pianoforte Studios

There are many styles of piano playing, but I particularly enjoy teaching students how to improvise – taking a familiar tune and making it their own personalized arrangement. I teach both music notation and chord symbols so that the students can play from traditional music scores or from lead sheets. If you are a piano…

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Danny Neustaeter – Guitar Lessons

My name is Danny Neustaeter and I teach guitar lessons at Music In The House (2345 Smith St.). I usually teach in the evenings but this year I am expanding my timetable to include afternoons to try to accomodate home-schooled students that usually have more flexible daytime schedules. Our fee is $75/mth (GST included) for…

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