SHBE Special Needs event in Saskatoon

This may be of interest to ARCHE members…

The following SHBE event is next weekend in Saskatoon. If you are interested, visit for more information or to register. Registrations can be accepted after October 17, but numbers need to be provided for catering, so meals and refreshments are not necessarily provided to those who register after October 17.

2017 SHBE Special Needs Mini-Conference

Workshops for families, parents, caregivers, teachers and all those who love a child who needs your special attention and advocacy to learn and thrive.

Friday October 20 (6-9 pm) to Saturday October 21 (8:30 am - 4 pm)

McLure United Church
(4025 Taylor St. E, Saskatoon, SK)

Cost: $125
(SHBE Member discount $45)

Registration Deadline: October 17, 2017

Breakfast, Lunch and Coffee provided.

Faith Berens

Faith Berens

Faith Berens

Special Needs Consultant

Faith Berens lives in Stephens City, VA with her husband, Matthew, daughter, Hailey and son, Hayden. Faith joined the HSLDA team of Special Needs Consultants in 2008 and homeschools her children, as well as works as a private educational consultant and evaluator. Some of her passions include reading for pleasure, singing, traveling, nature/science, leading Bible studies, and teaching reading to struggling students. Faith holds a Master’s degree in reading from Shenandoah University. She has over 15 years of teaching experience that includes serving as a classroom teacher in public and private Christian schools, Reading Recovery® teacher, reading specialist, NILD educational therapist, home educator, and tutor. Her areas of expertise are early childhood literacy, reading assessment, and the identification and remediation of reading difficulties and disabilities.

You Can Homeschool Your Struggling Learner

This workshop will provide an overview of HSLDA’s Struggling Learner/Special Needs Department and the many resources we provide to both members and non-members. Faith will share diagnostic checklists for struggling learners, common roadblocks homeschooling parents face, and help you navigate around those, as well as share strategies for success with your children who learn differently.

Dyslexia Demystified - Definitions and Hope for Homeschoolers

This workshop will define what dyslexia is (and what it is not), discuss the different types of dyslexia, as well as levels of struggle (mild, moderate, severe), and then offer hope by sharing the types of necessary teaching methods, specific, research based interventions and programs that can be implemented in the homeschool setting. Hope and encouragement are offered, in addition to right brain “tricks,” and strategies for success to add to your teaching toolkit!

Teaching Math to Struggling Learners

This workshop offers practical resources, lists of materials, and curricula in order to help equip you as you work with a struggling learner in your home school. Multi-sensory teaching methods, direct instruction, modeled teaching, and “scaffolding” instruction are shared, as well as ideas for designing a unique home instruction program tailored to your child’s specific challenges.

Tackling Tricky High School Issues

This workshop addresses some of the challenges associated with homeschooling struggling or atypical learners in the high school years. Do you have questions such as, “How do I award my child with special needs a diploma?” or “What do I do since my child with dyslexia can’t read typical high school level material?” Faith discusses alternative course work, specialized curricula and learning materials, assistive technology, transcript options, possible graduation guidelines/high school programs for special learners, post-high school options, as well as offer tips for navigating the process of applying for testing accommodations for the college boards.