Message about swimming lessons; please indicate potential interest to Charity by August 25:

I have talked to one of the aquatics directors from the city of Regina and she is going to have a meeting with the other aquatics directors to see if they have pool time and teachers to offer daytime school ages swimming lessons for homeschoolers. …but they need ro know how many kids they would be planning for.
So ultimately my goal would be red cross level lessons – particularly for school aged kids, but if there was availability of instructors we could maybe have sunfish or salamandar…you know the ones without a parent! Lol.
IF you would be interested in daytime school age lessons (probably starting in October or November) please email me at gcmile@gmail.com….please follow this format!

Subject – SWIMMING
Child’s name – age – swimming level

And I will compile a bit of a spreadsheet to give them an idea. THIS IS NOT A COMMITMENT, I realize that at the registration time it will depend for many families on what days and time they can ultimately give us! (Although she did mention mornings)

I need the preliminary numbers by August 25. Thanks!