Swimming lessons

Hi all,
I started replying to emails and thought it easier to address multiple questions in a group email.

These swimming lessons HAVE NOT YET BEEN BOOKED, so I can’t yet tell you what levels will be on which days or at what time.
The scheduler at the Lawson wants to be able to accommodate us potentially on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. In the past it has been between 8 or 10 weeks on Tuesdays or Thursdays, and they have been scheduled to allow us the maximum amount of levels in the hours we have. And we have had classes run both days…but each class has only been on one day. However, if you have multiple children I cannot guarantee availability of levels on the same day.

Now, this scheduler is new. I think his initial intention was TUESDAY AND THURSDAY for 5 weeks, but I have contacted him to let him know that usually doesn’t work for any families that are out of town or who have other classes/lessons booked already, so my preference would be the other way. We’ll see what his thoughts are.

By emailing me, you aren’t registering or committing…just letting me know what levels we should try to schedule. If we can make this happen, registration will happen directly with the city and the cost will be the same as what is offered in the leisure guide for regular lessons, the benefit of these daytime ones is that I have found it easier to get my multiple aged kids in lessons that are close together in time as opposed to trying to arrange them in the evenings. And it’s one less thing to try and stick in the evening!

If you don’t know what level your kids are at, you can have them assessed at any public swim time. (It’s beautiful today, you can even go to an outdoor pool for this! 😉 ) Just ask the lifeguard. There may also be some guidelines in the leisure guide. The City IS changing from red cross levels to a different syllabus, but you can just tell me what levels in Red Cross if you have done them, he will know how to make that transition.

Because lessons are run through the city, this is not specifically an ARCHE event , however, I have generally only advertised them through ARCHE, because of the arche etiquette. But they will be advertised on the city’s website, so once registration is open, it’s open to all homeschoolers. And for that matter, non homeschoolers. We have in the past offered one preschool level class as a courtesy, but priorty is given to school age levels as they are the ones you can’t typically find in the daytime

I think that addresses the most commonly asked questions. There has been a good response, so I think we will be able to get them to schedule the lessons, and hopefully we can fill them so they know it’s worth the effort to book them and bring in staff for them!

Enjoy the sun today!