Fwd: Call out Co op Teachers – RSVP by next Sunday Feb 26th

Hi Everyone!

I am pleased to announce that we will be running ARCHE cooperative classes this spring! 

Dates: Fridays: March 24, 31 April 14, 21, 28 & May 5. (No class on April 7 due to Good Friday)
Location: Glen Elm Church of Christ (1825 Rothwell Cr.)
TIme: 1- 3:45pm
Note: This is not a registration email. Registration will come out in a couple weeks*

In order to make Co-op happen I need teachers. The benefits of teaching are:
– Co op is able to happen
– A guaranteed spot for your family
– Discounted registration fee
– Teach something your kids love or you are passionate about!
– You can co-teach with a friend!

Please text or Email me back asap and for sure by Next Sunday Feb 26th to let me know what you would like to teach.
The sooner you let me know the greater chance you can teach what you want! 
Please also let me know that names and ages of your kids when you contact me about teaching.

We have a gym available to us at this new location! In order to spread the gym time out sort of fairly, the teens will be able to use it during the 15 min break time between classes.
The other classes will get to use it for 3 out of the 6 weeks.

This means I am looking for two gym teachers. One for the age 5/6 and the 7/8 age groups as well as a teacher for the 9/10 and 11/12 age groups.
Another teacher will take those ages for the non-gym weeks and teach them something in a classroom 
For example, one teacher would teach the 5/6 age group in first period in the gym for three weeks. Then the following three weeks that same teacher would repeat their class for the 7/8 age group.
Similarly, the classroom teacher, would have the last three weeks in a classroom with the 5/6 age group on a topic of choice, and they would have had the 7/8s for the first three weeks.
They could just repeat their content and modify it for the differing ages as needed. 
Hope this makes sense! See the yellow highlighted class slots.

The age groups we will have available for teaching are:

Class 1
Class 2

Class 1 
Class 2 Gym class for the first three weeks (with Gym Teacher A )/Classroom learning for the Last three weeks (with Class teacher B)

Class 1
Class 2 Gym class for the second three weeks (with Gym Teacher A )/Classroom time first three weeks (with Classroom Teacher B)

Class 1 Gym class for the first three weeks with (Gym Teacher C) /Classroom learning for the Last three weeks (with classroom teacher D)
Class 2: Cooking (Karen MacKenzie- Happy to Co teach if anyone is interested)

Class 1 Gym class for the last three weeks (with Gym Teacher C) /Classroom Time first three weeks (with classroom Teacher D)
Class 2 

Class 1 
Class 2 

Class 1 Cooking (Tammy Winter) 
Class 2 Digital Marketing (Evan Dean)

Let me know if you have any questions!
Karen MacKenzie & The Co op Planing Committee