Co-op Fwd: All teaching spots filled

Just wanted to let everyone know that all the teaching spots are filled. Thanks for everyone who has jumped in. 

Registration will open Monday morning at 10:30. Please make sure you and any friends you invite are CURRENT ARCHE members. and are familiar with the ARCHE philosophy and etiquette. 
More in depth class descriptions and costs will be in the registration form. 
Just to note, Parents are required to either teach OR help and must be in attendance each Friday afternoon. If there is sickness or a need to be away we arrange for subs etc. 
Looking forward to a great session!!


Class 1:Music & Gardening (Patricia Behnke)

Class 2:  Let’s Make a Mess (Stephanie Makellky)


Class 1: Spring/Easter Theme (Rachel Achim & Tanya Sharp) 

Class 2: Gym class for the first three weeks (Jenn Crawford )

    Human Body Lapbook Last three weeks (Jo Amberson)


Class 1: Balloon Twisting (Lena Schuck)

Class 2:  Gym class for the second three weeks (Jenn Crawford )

     Human Body Lapbbok first three weeks (Jo Amberson)


Class 1: Gym class for the first three weeks (Angie Ivey) 

    Classroom learning for the Last three weeks (Deanne Makellky)

Class 2: Cooking (Karen MacKenzie & Myra Russell)


Class 1: Gym class for the last three weeks (Angie Ivey) 

    Classroom Time first three weeks (Deanne Makellky)

Class 2: No fear Shakespeare (Twyla McDougall) 


Class 1: Etiquette Fun (Brittanie Park)  

Class 2: Games & Snacks (Sara MIller)


Class 1: Cooking (Tammy Winter) 

Class 2: Digital Marketing (Evan Dean)

Karen MacKenzie
(306) 520-4391