Moms Encouraging Moms tonight, 7 pm, 3570 Waddell Cres

Just a reminder that we are meeting for Moms Encouraging Moms this evening! I forgot to include the time in my last email! 
April 24 at Jo Amberson’s – 3570 Waddell Crescent. 7:00 PM
Also mark your calendar for a wind up brunch on June 3. I hope to have more details by the meeting on the 24th! I think we will still plan to have a meeting in May as well.
This monthly gathering is for all homeschooling moms and those considering homeschooling, so invite a friend! There is no childcare available but nursing babies are always welcome.
The hostess will provide beverages, please bring a snack to share if you are able, but don’t let not having one prevent you from coming!