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ARCHE BBQ & Membership


We are going to have our annual ARCHE BBQ at Wascana Park, just northeast of Candy Cane park, on September 19, from about 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM. ARCHE will put the coals in the pits and have them ready, so each family will be able to grill the food they bring (or pack a picnic if they don’t want to BBQ). This event is in the evening so that the whole family can attend, but feel free to come early and enjoy the park. 
Also, a gentle reminder to get your membership forms and payment completed at
We print a new membership directory once each year in the fall. Registrations received after September 30th may not be included in the directory. The directory is really useful to connect with families you have met at various functions, or to connect children to families to arrange visits.
Another useful feature is the business directory. This section is exclusively for ARCHE members to offer products or services. Many families would gladly purchase products and services from other homeschool families. If you have a business or service for inclusion in the resource directory, please add your information at Only new entries will be included in the membership directory this year. 
Please read the ARCHE philosophy and etiquette.
*Only those who are current ARCHE members will receive a directory. If you have any questions, email or phone afternoons or evenings 306-527-9313.

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