*** ARCHE Membership Renewal Notice

Hi All!

If you are getting this email, it is because ARCHE has not received an updated membership for you (this school season). This means that your information will not be included in the ARCHE directory and your email address will be removed from our distribution list. The deadline for inclusion in the directory will be November 16. You may have forgotten to renew, or were not aware that membership needed to be renewed each year. Before ARCHE switches over to our new email list, we wanted to give one more notice.
(It is also possible that we had an old email address and that you have already registered with a different email address, or that I’ve made a mistake, despite checking the list three times 🙂 – so if you think you’ve already registered, please reply and I’ll check again. Also note, you can renew and opt out of the directory).

You can register online at: https://arche.support/#join (If you want to make alternate arrangements, please reply to this email). The fee is $10 and goes to expenses in printing the directory and hosting the website. The bit that is left over goes into a contingency fund to cover unforeseen expenses with events, so that organizers don’t have to chase folks down or cover costs on their own.

For a helpful list of activities, check out https://arche.support/infoline.
For a helpful calendar of activities, check out https://arche.support/calendar.

The site has been refreshed this fall, so please let us know if there are improvements needed or if anything is broken. The resources section is still a work in progress.

ARCHE families have valued knowing that ARCHE activities stem from an Evangelical Christian perspective. ARCHE seeks to benefit and bless the homeschool community in general, while seeking specifically to build up and strengthen Christian homeschool families. For events organized through ARCHE, membership is either required or members are given first dibs to register.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


Rod & Jo