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Co-Op Classes


Co-op works because parents volunteer to teach classes or help teach classes. The general method is that parents choose a topic or class they’d like to teach and an age range that would be applicable. Parents register for Co-op, not for particular classes, and the classes are assigned by the organizer based on class sizes and age ranges.

“For as in one body we have many members, and the members do not all have the same function, so we, though many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another.”

– Romans 12:4-5

Organized by: Karen MacKenzie


Dates: Friday Afternoons (October 26th November 2, 9, 16, 23, 30.)
Time: 12:45-3:30

In order to register, please:
1) Ensure you are a current member of ARCHE and agree with the ARCHE etiquette & understand the ARCHE philosophy
2) Email me (karenmack) the names and ages of your children
3) Specify if you would like to teach a class or help in a class/nursery and for which age group
4) Send an E-transfer to karenmack (Make the Password “homeschool”) for $30. This covers facility rental.
(Teacher Discounts: Teach Twice $0,Teach once $10, Co-teach $15)
5) Specify which date you would like to stay and help clean up afterwards (teachers exempt)

Important Notes
* Age groups are estimates
** Additional Costs TBD for each class for supplies
*** Parental Attendance & Teaching or helping is required in order to make this a true “Cooperative”

I am still looking for a few teachers. One for the 4/5 age group, one for the 11/12 and one for the bigger kids in the nursery if we have interested 2/3 year olds. Charity is also looking for a co-teacher to share her class as she has to be away a couple of weeks. Jenn dean (thedeans) has some great ideas and ready to go class themes and is happy to get you started if you are willing but just don’t know what to teach!

Here are the tentative classes and tentative age groups.
Class 1: Photography (need a digital camera or tablet/phone)
(Teacher: Peter Stepaniuk: Karen’s dad)
Class 2: Stock Market & Investing (Jenn Dean)

11/12 (approx)
Class 1:
Class 2: Cooking (Tammy Winter)

9/10 (Approx)
Class 1: Operation Christmas Child- Pack a Shoebox (Charity Mile)
Class 2: Natural Disasters (Karen MacKenzie)

6/7/8 (Approx)
Class 1 Cooking Fun (Karen MacKenzie)
Class 2: Balloon Animals & Paper Cutting (Lena Shuck)

4/5 (approx)
Class 1:
Class 2: Story/Sogns/Crafts (Bonnie Degagne)

0-3 Nursery
Class 1: Free Play
Class 2: TBD if there are interested 2/3 year olds for structured activities

Please Email or call me if you have any questions! Cell# 306-520-4391 email: karenmack

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