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Co-op Friday Afternoons in March

Message about co-op classes in March:
Hello ARCHE Families!
I am going to be planning a short session of co op classes in March.
Dates: Friday Afternoons- March 8, 15, 22 and 29th.  
Location: Whitmore Park Community Church (41 Birchwood Rd.)
Time; 1-3:30pm                     


Sorry for the short notice but my timeline has sped up as my family will be moving in April/May and I wanted to still be able to squeeze in a session of classes if there is enough interest on short notice. Please reply by next Sunday the 17th to fill a teaching spot and cost of your class if possible. I would like to fill all the teaching spots before taking registrations.
Registration will open for one week after that and then and close on Sunday the 24th. Teachers will then have two weeks to prepare their classes once they know how many students they will have.


Available classes to teach include
Age 4/5: (Class 1: Covered- Karen MacKenzie: Nursery Rhymes $1)  or Class 2


Age 6/7: Class 1 or Class 2


Age 8/9: Class 1 or (Class 2 Possibly filled already)


Age 10/11: Class 1 or Class 2


Age 12/13: Class 1 or Class 2


Age 14 and up:  Class 1  (Class 2- Covered- Karen MacKenzie: Board Games & Snacks Cost: $0 but will need to bring board games and a snack to share one week)


I will keep a running list of classes being taught on the google document found on this link:
By checking here, you can check it to see what classes still need to be filled and let me know by text or email what you want to teach. Everyone needs to either teach or help and parental presence is required. We try to keep costs low but fun activities and crafts do cost money so a balance in each age group is nice. Also having one academic class and one more crafty/fun class is often a nice balance.


Registration Details: Cost is per family for the entire 4 weeks
$25 per family
$10 per family for teachers teaching once
$0 for teachers teaching twice


Supply fees per class will apply and be made known as teachers let me know.
Further Registration Details will follow. Please email me with any questions.

Karen M.
Text: 306 596 5675  Email:


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