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French Club starting

Hi Everybody,


French Club is going to be starting in earnest- but there’s still time to join in!

I’ve attached a pdf of the step-by-step instructions to join in. (There are separate instructions for computer use or phone/tablet use.)

Anybody want to learn beginner FRENCH with the Duolingo classroom? It’s a free program that can be used on a computer or on an App. Your child would need an account and then they could see the other kids’ progress and challenge each other!

Students will work on their own but my plan is that once in a while we would get together to speak only French. Our first meet up is planned for Tuesday May 2nd at 2 o’clock. Location TBD. For 1 hour kids can only speak French, and I expect it to be a valuable lesson in creativity!

Sign up and get started today!

Jenn Dean

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