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Fw: 12 and up Spin Class (Parents welcome)

Registration is available at

Thanks to Adele for sharing this… registration should be set up in a day or so…

My name is Adele Grundahl. I currently homeschool three of my children and I am Level 2 NCCP cycling coach and a certified group fitness instructor. I have over five years of experience in group fitness and thirty years of racing experience in road, mountain bike, gravel and cyclocross.

I am offering a Christian Spin Class with core and stretch. Music will feature Christian artists (current Grammy nominees and popular music). These songs can be requested by the participants as I am licensed to play (SOCAN).

When: The class will be Thursday March 7 at 2pm-3:30pm
Where: Goodlife Golden Mile (next door to Superstore and near Old Fashion Foods)
Class Details: 55 min of cardio with a 10 min warm up and 8 minute cooldown. Individual bike setup will be done to ensure a safe ride. If you have trouble with disco lights, please let me know and they won’t be on. I am a proponent that what is done outside is done inside to ensure safety to spine and neck. There are lots of trends out there that are not based on solid science. 5-10 min session will be done after the ride. Guided stretch will done on the mats or in large studio (depends on numbers) . Massage chairs are also available.

Ages: 12 and up (parents welcome). That is due to the bikes in the studio. All tweens/teens need to follow ARCHE etiquette found on the website. scroll down to etiquette. Each parent is responsible for their own children–so it is up to each parent to put someone else in charge if they choose to drop their child off.

Cost: $12.50 per person

I will offer more classes if this is something people want.

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