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Fwd: Homeschool MTB rides

Message from Adele about mountain biking. Primarily for teens, but there’s also a note about parents and siblings welcome. See below for details:

Hello ARCHE teens (13 and up only),

On Thursdays from Sept 19 to Oct 17 (1 to 4pm), there will be homeschool mountain bike rides.
There will be lots of breaks so it won’t be 3 hours of moving time. A bagged picnic snack will be after each ride for a time of fellowship and frisbee/games. 

We will have the first ride at Douglas Park Hill where we will learn to ride as a group–also 
take in the bird migration and change in season. Other trails will be explored in the other weeks depending on the riding ability of the group. That will be decided after the first ride. 

You will need a working bike (a local bike shop can ensure it is safe), a helmet, longer shorts/pants, jacket, bagged snack packed by your teen (cooler supplied for storage) and a water bottle fill of water.

Parents and siblings welcome but keep in mind you are responsible for your chidren and
need to a abide by ARCHE etiquette. 

Email me if you are interested in doing this.  

No cost.   

You are responsible for your teen and need to fully understand that any activity has risks.

Adele Grundahl
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