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Just a note in case the pool staff is not able to reach you (please be sure your Regina Rec account has correct contact information…especially if you disconnect your home phone!) there was a power outage at the Lawson Aquatic Center on Tuesday, and the facility has not fully recovered so it is still closed tomorrow. So if you had lessons on Tuesday they were cancelled, and the lessons will be cancelled tomorrow as well…Also a reminder that next week there’s no lessons for spring break so lessons will resume on Tuesday April 30.

We are privileged to be able to have these lessons during the day, when normally we aren’t able to have lessons for school age children. Please remember to be respectful to the staff, and follow the rules. As it mentions in the ARCHE etiquette, if there is an issue with the facility please contact me before addressing the facility directly. Our children have been excellent ambassadors for homeschooling, and although we haven’t emphasized it to the pool, we are a Christian group, and as such we are representing Christian homeschoolers to those we come in contact with! 😊
Have a wonderful resurrection weekend and spring break!
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