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Fwd: Royal Saskatchewan museum

Reminder about the field trip to the Royal Saskatchewan Museum:
Some things to remember and do before you come. 

Location of field trip:

Royal Saskatchewan Museum,

2445 Albert Street,

Regina, SK, S4P 4W7

T: 306.787.2815 (front desk)

A few reminders for those that responded about coming. 

T-rex show is 10:00-10:30 

The show runs for 30 minutes and starts at 10:00 sharp. Late arrivals will not be permitted to enter the show. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the show starting to allow time for staff to get families situated. The show is a live animatronic dinosaur show, the show does have lighting effects and loud noises. Not recommended for under age 5. 

TSV- this means a teacher supervised visit. The teachers and chaperones guide the students around the museum at your own pace. There are work sheets you can print out from the website and bring along to use if you wish. These sheets are grade level appropriate and divided by gallery. So check that out and print any off you may wish to do. 



Please consider a donation of $5.00 per student to the friends of royal Saskatchewan museum. You can donate online or in person or by mail. 

Please note museum doors open at 9:30; no entry available prior to that time. 

Please make sure to read over the Arche rules for field trips and be on our best behaviours.

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