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Fwd: SEDA Regina Debate Workshop

More information on the debate workshop form Melissa Ong, homeschool mom and executive director of SEDA:
Thank you for forwarding the information regarding our workshop on Saturday!

I had asked my assistant to send that on and realize we should have sent the information sooner AND should have noted that teahers/parents are welcome to sit in for all or part of the workshop AT NO COST.

If they want a meal I need to know in advance.

I would be welcome to meeting with parents on Saturday to answer questions AND/OR would love to present debate at an ARCHE event if that is possible. I have done a couple of workshops with homeschooling Parents in Regina and then at the SHBE conference but would like to support a Regina homeschool debate club. Debate was a big part of my family’s homeschool journey and that is how/why I ended up working with SEDA!. that is why I started debate with my children as part of their homeschooling. We all need to learn how to think critically-speak-listen-debate. Debate is an important tool in teaching young people about the power of words and how to use their words wisely. For our tournaments, students have to debate both sides of an issue. Having to debate both sides of an issue or resolution forces one to consider points of view they may not naturally consider on their own and helps one consider the assumptions we hold. “If you do not understand your opponent’s worldview, you cannot fully understand your own.”

I am enclosing the invitation for Workshop on Saturday as we have received a number of emails regarding the details for the workshop!

I have also attached information for our October 5 Tournament and then the schedule for the year. All of these are also available on our website

Thank you for partnering with SEDA this way! And for all your help!



Melissa Ong, Executive Director
Saskatchewan Elocution and Debate Association (SEDA)
310 Wall Street, Suite 207
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. S7K 1N7
Cell Phone: 306-880-2499
Office Phone: 306-780-9243
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