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Fwd: Softball anyone?

I borrowed some softball equipment from the ehrlo sports library so we can try to get together this month for some softball.

Accordong to the weather it looks like Wednesday would work. 2:00 p.m.?
We could try the ball diamond to the south of the Neil Balkwill Arts Center. It has bleacher seating and also a small play area nearby and a big field if someone wanted to take some of the littler kids over there to run races or play tag! There is also parking and bathrooms. I’m thinking 8 and up for softball, but I don’t want to stress about ages too much – if the big kids hit the ball far, it’s all good because the little kids have the speed and energy to get it! 😀
If there is a lot of interest and we have too many kids (good problem) then we will find a location with 2 diamonds next time! 
Bring your glove and bats and helmets if you have them. I borrowed bases, catcher’s equipment and a couple of batting helmets. But feel free to bring your own. ALL SKILL LEVELS WELCOME!
Parents who know rules will be welcomed to ‘coach’ and we will ask a parent to ump.
Let me know if you have questions.
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