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Gymnastics winter sessions

Registration is not ready yet, but should be ready in a couple days. Please stay tuned. Information below… 

Winter Session Classes: Friday January 17th, 24th, 31st, February 7th, and 14th.

There will be 26 kids for 11:30-12:30 and 4 (minimum)-8(maximum) kids for our mini group 11:30-12:15.  
And a second booking from 12:30-1:30 with a maximum of 30 kids. Just a note, there will need to be 12-14 kids minimum to run two groups.  

Just a reminder with our kids in the mini group we will ask that a parent is there to help support the coach.  The idea behind this class being a little more like a parent and tot class. If we are able to have two coaches or the coach feels they are able to have the kids work with them independently then they will let the parent know they are welcome to view from the bench!

The cost for the kids participating in an hour booking will be $7×5=35plus gst = $36.75
For the kids participating in our mini group (45 min booking) the cost will be= $6×5= 30 plus gst = $31.50

Also, for families that ask to join late or after the booking has begun, we are glad to fit them in if we can!  They can email Amber directly to make arrangements to add their child to the list and collect payment. However, the cut off will be after the second class.  

And then just a final reminder that there is a fee to play in the play structure regardless if they kids are participating in the booking or not.  If the child is participating in the booking and wish to play before or after class the fee is $3.00 for that day to play.  If the family has siblings that are not participating on the floor with the bookings and they would like to play in the play structure the fee will be $3.50.

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