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Important Swimming Lessons ettiquette

Hello all,

We are so thankful that there have been daytime sessions of swimming lessons  for us to enjoy at the Lawson this year. However, we need to remember that they already have other set swimming times during the day. Of particular importance to us, is the preschool swim time (10:30 -1:00). The management at the pool has asked that we keep non-preschool age children out of the small pool unless their teacher has taken them there during their lesson (even if the teachers have been allowing it). There are bleachers and small tables nearby for the children while they are waiting between classes. Please plan ahead and bring books or activities to keep children busy if necessary. As Charity mentioned, we would like to maintain a good relationship with the pool and be good representatives of the homeschool community, so we appreciate your cooperation in this matter.
Thank you,

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