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Motherwell Fieldtrip Reminder

Field trip to Motherwell homestead:

Hello again ARCHE group,

It is less than three weeks until June 8 – the day of the Motherwell Homestead Homeschool Field Trip! I have had several families reply to me already that they want to come, but I am sending this e-mail as a reminder to any of you that might still want to come but haven’t already told me so. Please let me know by Sunday (May 20). That’s tomorrow 😉 (Reply to: natali3)

I am still waiting to get answers about official jam pail lunch costs and sandwich options, as well as what taxes we have to pay, so for those of you that have already confirmed to me that you are coming – I WILL get back to you with total costs as soon as I know what they are! Thanks for your patience. I am hoping to have these answers by Tuesday.

– Alison Luhning

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