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Motherwell Homestead Field Trip 2018

Field trip to Motherwell Homestead for next month, Friday, June 8.

Hello fellow homeschoolers,

I am planning a field trip to Motherwell Homestead (east of Regina off of Hwy 10 – close to Balcarres and Abernethy) for Friday, June 8. The program will run from 10:30-2:30 with a lunch break built in.

Motherwell Homestead is a National Historic Site that showcases the life, times and agricultural and political accomplishments of early Saskatchewan settler, W.R. Motherwell. Mr. Motherwell was a parliamentary Minister of Agriculture and successful farmer in the early 1900s. His old homestead is a beautifully restored piece of Saskatchewan history, and a relaxing getaway that my kids insist on visiting at least twice every summer!

This field trip will be for children in kindergarten through grade 12, but younger children are welcome to come and participate with parental accompaniment. There will be two different programs running for the day: Farm It, Maybe? (for grades k through 6/7), and Amazing Race Through Time! (for grades 7/8 through 12). While we will need some parent supervisors with each group of kids, the staff at the Motherwell will be guiding our groups through our activities for the day (unlike last time when I needed parent volunteers to actually lead groups). That being said, the Motherwell Homestead is not really a drop-and-go type location, so I expect parents will be sticking around to join in the fun and enjoy the beautiful grounds!

The facility is open until 4:00 daily, so you are welcome to wander around the grounds after the program is finished.

The costs are as follows:

Kids 0 to pre-k: FREE

Kids kindergarten to grade 12: $7.30 each

Adults: $3.90 * each

* Adults receive free entrance if they have a Parks Canada 2018 Discovery Pass. Kids have to be paid for regardless, as it is a special school program.

Jam pail lunches are available for purchase ahead of time at a cost of $7.00+tax each. A jam pail lunch is a good, old-fashioned school lunch served in a pail. You get a sandwich (last time choices were: jam, ham, bologna, cheese, ham and cheese, or bologna and cheese), beverage (choices last time were: iced tea or lemonade), fruit or veggies, and an ice cream treat (when the pail is returned). The Friends of the Motherwell don’t start back to work until next Monday, so I am not 100% certain of the contents of the jam pail lunch at this point. I will send an update about these once I know more.

If you don’t purchase jam pail lunches for your family you can pack a lunch and a picnic blanket. There is lots of grass to spread out on, and several picnic tables to sit at as well.

There is also a small lunch counter inside the Motherwell Homestead Visitor Centre where hot lunches can be purchased. This should be up and running when we are there.

A brief explanation of the programs:

Farm it, maybe! Pick up your wagon at the store, fill it with supplies and venture west. What you choose to take and do will determine if you have what it takes to be a farmer in the 1900’s. Will you end up with a homestead, or have enough supplies to make it through another winter?

Amazing Race Through Time

Do you have what it takes to be a settler? Stop by the Land Titles Office, pick up your survival items and head out. Will you work hard and smart enough to own your own piece of the west? Take a ride on a wagon, check out the animals, and travel back in time to the early 1900’s through a challenge based program that will engage everyone and leave you wondering what if?? The outcome is up to you!

Please reply to me (Alison Luhning) at natali3 by Friday, May 18 if you are interested in being a part of the ARCHE Motherwell Homestead Field Trip 2018. Please indicate how many people will be coming in each of the following categories:

Kids 0 to pre-k:

Kids k to grade 6/7:

Kids grade 7/8 to grade 12:


# Jam Pail Lunches:

If you have a Parks Canada 2018 Discovery Pass please let me know so I don’t charge you for adult entrances. If you are interested in jam pail lunches let me know how many you would want. I will send out an email next week to confirm with you what kind of sandwiches are available, etc.

I am asking that everyone pre-pay by e-transfer (to: natali3, password: Motherwell) by Friday, June 1.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

– Alison Luhning

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