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Notice of Intent and Education Plan

Be confident! You are the best educator for your children! You are every bit as much of an educator as the official at the school division! You can work with the school division as fellow educators, offer them encouragement, respect them as peers, and work with them kindly as they seek to fulfill their calling in public education.

Some school divisions have made arrangements with home educators to request their notice of intent and education plan in September, but otherwise it is due August 15.

Here is a little primer that we’ve put together on the registration process:

  1. The Home Based Educator notifies the Province of their intent to home educate by submitting a “Notice of Intent” to the school division (or conseil scholaire).
  2. The School Division is responsible to register the child or children included on the Notice of Intent with the Province.
  3. The Province receives the registration from the school district and thereby accepts the home-based educator’s compliance with provincial compulsory school attendance laws.

Here is some added clarity about responsibilities and accountability:

  1. The Home Based Educator is responsible and accountable to the province for the home educated student’s educational progress.
  2. The School Division (or Conseil Scholaire) does not need to be actively involved in “approving” your plan or results (see quotes below).
  3. The “Notice of Intent” and HSLDA forms provide all the information that is required for the school division to adequately meet their responsibilities to the province.
    1. Recognizing that home-based education programs are philosophically and structurally diverse, the Education Plan does not need to align with provincial curriculum, or other criteria, other than being “not inconsistent with the Goals of Education for Saskatchewan”. The school division does not need to approve or agree with the education plan.
    2. The “Portfolio of Work” mentioned in the HSLDA form includes a periodic log and detailed summative record, but does not include samples of work. “Portfolio of Work” is not the same thing as “Samples of Work”.

To paraphrase the policy with respect to approving: The school division “shall assume that satisfactory educational progress is being made.” and they are “not liable for anything done, or omitted, in good faith when registering, monitoring, or otherwise administering a home-based education program according to the regulations”.

Your school division may have made other arrangements for a later date to submit your Notice of Intent, which then becomes your target. The default mentioned in the Saskatchewan Home Education Policy Manual indicates that your Notice of Intent and Education Plan should be sent by August 15.

HSLDA forms are available here:

The required Province of Saskatchewan Notice of Intent form is available here:

The 2014 Policy Manual form is still acceptable: Notice of Intent and Registration of a Home-based Education Program (Appendix B)
The latest published version is here: Notification of a Home-based Education Program (if “Last School Attended” and “Grade” are not applicable, they do not need to be filled out)


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