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Painted Lady Caterpillars

Now that spring has come and you can see the grass, it’s time to think about butterflies! For a number of years, basically throughout our home homeschooling journey, I have ordered Painted Lady caterpillars in the spring so that we can watch them turn into butterflies. It is a chance to see metamorphosis up close, and a highlight of our year!

If you would like to order caterpillars for your family, we can save on shipping  by ordering together.
The cost this year is $20 for 5 caterpillars. This includes everything they need to form their chrysalis…and when they have done so you can place them in a habitat made from a cardboard box to watch them become butterflies.
For an additional $30 you can order a mesh habitat. 
They will arrive in May and will be ready to be released about 3 weeks after arrival!
Please let me know by April 10th if you would like to participate with us and once I know we have enough to go ahead I will send payment instructions!
Enjoy the sun!
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