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Science Centre/IMAX/Picnic Field Trip May 21, 2019

Science Centre field trip:
Hi Everyone,

I have planned a field trip to the Science Centre on May 21.  The field trip will include a workshop, an IMAX film and a picnic lunch in the park or in the case of inclement weather there is space to have lunch in the Science Centre.  I have booked the entire IMAX theatre.

The workshops will be held at 9:30 am (so please arrive at 9:15) and are as follows:

-Wild! About Animals Workshop for grades k-3, duration 30 min. (limit of 20 students)

-Robotics Workshop for grades 4-6, duration 60 min. (limit of 30 students)

-Cardiac Cut-Up Workshop for grades 7 and up, duration 90 min. (limit of 30 students)

The IMAX film called “Superpower Dogs” will be at 2:15 pm (limit of 159).

Your cost per person for Science Centre/IMAX combo will be:
-2 yrs & under free

-Preschoolers (3-4yrs) $4.73
-Kdg-Grade 12 $7.88 

**If you plan to do the Science Centre, the IMAX and the workshop please add the workshop price to the prices listed above (see prices for workshops below)

Workshop prices: 
-Wild! About Animals (kdg-grade 3) is $1.58 per student.
-Robotics (grade 4-6) is $3.15 per student.
-Cardiac Cut-Up (grade 7-12) is $3.15 per student.

You can come to ONLY the IMAX film for:

-$3.15 per preschooler (age 3-4)
-$4.73 per student (kdg-grade 12)

You can come to ONLY the workshop if you wish, but you are required to pay for general admission of:
-$2.00 per preschooler (3-4 yrs)
-$4.46 per student (kdg-grade 12) 
PLUS the workshop fee for your grade category.

You can come to ONLY the Science Centre for:
-$2.00 per preschooler (age 3-4)
-$4.46 per student (kdg.-grade 12)

**Teachers (homeschool parents) are free for Science Centre and IMAX.

Please register by emailing me at with:

-child’s/children’s name(s)
-what you are attending (workshop, Science Centre, and/or IMAX

Please make payment at time of registration by e-transferring to  The password is science.  

Deadline for registration is May 20 at 8 pm.

After lunch you are welcome to spend time in the Science Centre until the IMAX movie starts.

I hope you can come!

Angie Ivey
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