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SHBE – Special Needs Workshop – October 19-20

SHBE is presenting a special needs conference in Regina on October 19 and 20, at 41Birchwood Road. Please see attached poster for details…

Let me take the opportunity to relate just a few reasons why you might consider attending:

  • If you find that you need to adjust curriculum to meet the specific needs of your child you might want to register for our conference and learn how you can better help your child in those specific areas of learning struggles.
  • Register if you have questions or concerns about home educating your child with learning challenges through the high school years.
  • Are curriculum costs unrelenting? Do you wonder how you might save some MONEY while meeting the specific needs of your unique learner using cheap online resources? Register for this conference/workshop.
  • How about you Dads? Our conference speaker, Peggy Ployhar, will speak to the HEARTS of us as parents who want to rear our children as we were intended to. Register today for some time honoured encouragement.
  • Although every special needs child is different and every family is unique, there are some common factors that link the learning-challenged child. Register today to better understand those common factors and receive tools to better engage your challenging child.
  • Is the special needs Home Educating journey long and tiresome? Register today to receive some much needed encouragement along the way as you seek to train your special needs homeschool family.

Looking Forward to meeting some of you,

Charles Audette
SHBE Zone 1 Director, Special Needs Coordinator

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