Homeschool Skating

Hello friends!

We have once again been provided with ice time at the city’s rinks for daytime Homeschool skating.

This ice time is being provided by the Regina Catholic school board and is open to all homeschoolers, please be aware that if we abuse the privilege, it will not be available! Please read the ARCHE philosophy and Etiquette as a reminder! In the past we have sectioned off the ice to 2 sides, one for skating and one for stick and puck. Please be careful. You are responsible for your children and helmets are required. The school board also asks for no snacks to be brought to the rink.

The times are as follows:

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November 8 – 1:00-3:30 – Clarence Mahon Arena
November 14- 9:00-11:45 Murray Balfour Arena
November 21 – 1:30-3:30 Al Ritchie
December 12 – 9:00-11:45 Murray Balfour
December 14 – 9:00-11:45 Doug Wickenheiser Arena
December 19 – 1:00-3:30 Clarence Mahon Arena
January 7 – 9:00 – 11:45 Al Ritchie Arena
January 16 – 1:00-3:30 Murray Balfour Arena
January 29 – 9:00-11:45 Doug Wickenheiser Arena
February 7 – 1:00-3:30 Murray Balfour Arena
February 13 – 2:15-3:30 Clarence Mahon Arena
February 25 – 9:00-11:45 Al Ritchie Arena
March 1 – 1:00-3:30 Murray Balfour Arena
March 5 – 2:15-3:30 Doug Wickenheiser Arena

Let me know if you have questions. There is a sports lending library that has helmets available if you need them.