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Tornado Hunter Presentation

Please reply to Sara Penner if interested:

Good morning! I am looking to bring Ricky Forbes down to do a Tornado Hunter presentation sometime hopefully in October. I wanted to gauge interest in this before I put too much leg work into it. Would anyone be interested in bringing their kids to his presentation? I will get prices/dates/times sorted not too long from now, I hope, but I didn’t want to assume anyone would be interested. I did this a few years back and it was a great time! Everyone who came really enjoyed it. Ricky is a dynamic presenter, crazy friendly and did a great job holding everyone’s attention and taught a ton about storms, weather and what it’s like to chase! Please let me know via email if you are interested and how many children you would be bringing! THIS IS NOT A COMMITMENT, this is just to gauge interest to see if it’s worth pursuing. Thanks!

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