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Updated Verification for Science Centre/IMAX May 22 Field Trip

Hello Everyone,

The Science Centre/IMAX field trip is on Tuesday May 22. Below is a list of people we have received payment from and of the students registered in each group. Please check to be sure that you have paid and that your child is on the list for the workshops.

We had a lot of interest for the Star Trip workshop so we had to split students into 2 groups to accommodate everyone. Please note the 1st Star Trip group will start at 10:00 am and the 2nd Star Trip group will start at 11:00 am. They want us all to arrive 15 minutes before the workshops we are registered for. Please meet in the lobby just inside the front doors of the Science Centre so that we can confirm your attendance prior to the workshops.

Don’t forget to bring your picnic lunch and your picnic blanket. In case of inclement weather, we can use the lunch room or lobby in the Science Centre.

The Panda film is 2:15pm-3:00pm in the IMAX.

Feel free to stay after the IMAX film to spend time at the Science Centre if you wish as your Science Centre admission is included in the workshop fee.

It is going to be a fun filled day! See you all on Tuesday!

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Angie Ivey gee

Julie Sutor sjsutor

Jenn Dean thedeans

Payments we have received:

-Angie Ivey

-Cherise Erdmann

-Kris James

-Kristen Hill

-Susan Bourque

-Mindy Olson

-Laura Ford

-Amanda Lai

-Kristina Nelson

-Karen Mackenzie

-Jennifer Bobowski

-Sara Miller

-Liu Lafontaine

-Alison Luhning

-Karisa Bailing

-Flannery Salkeld

-Daria Frostad

-Alvin Der

-Marlyss Larsen

-Bonnie De Gange

Class Lists

1st Star Trip: 10:00 am

Matthew Ivey (Gr1)
Emily Erdmann (Gr3)
Levi Erdmann (Gr1)
Hill child
Michayla Mehrer (Gr1)
Caleb Mehrer (K)
Girl Bourque (Gr1)
Kaena Acquah (Gr2)
Kaen Acquah (K)
Evangeline Johnson(5yrs)
Laylah Johnson (7yrs)
Lai child (5yrs)
Luke Nelson (Gr2)
Abigail Mackenzie (7yrs)
Meadow Mackenzie


2nd Star Trip: 11:00

Peter Bobowski (Gr1)
Blake Smith (Gr2)
Kate Smith (5yrs)
Caleb Switzer (Gr1)
Joram Svenson (Gr1)
Halleiah Svenson (K)
Levi Bailey (Gr 3)
Oliver Bailey (Gr 1)
Child St.Louis (Gr1)
Ian Walton (Gr2)
Daisy Salkeld
Dorothy Salkeld
Malachi Frostad
Levi Reich
Theron Erriha

Machines Class: 11:00 am

Lucas Ivey (Gr5)
Aaliyah Erdmann (Gr5)
Iris James (Gr5)
Asher Sutor (Gr5)
Eden Johnson (10 yrs)
Taylor Mackenzie (10yrs)
Ben Miller
Rachel Miller
Lanea Lafontaine
Kalea Lafontaine
Chris Lafontaine
Teva Lafontaine
Anastasia Smith (Gr4)
Hannah Svenson (Gr6)
Hezia Svenson (Gr4)
Ginny Luhning
Halcyon Luhning
Julia Bailey (Gr6)
Aaron Walton (Gr5)
Sean Larsen (9yrs)

Anatomy Class: 11:00 am

Caedan Ivey (Gr7)
Zoe James (Gr8)
Eve Olson (Gr7)
Mia Olson
Loganne Sutor (Gr7)
Emanuella (12yrs)
Hannah (15yrs)
Josh Nelson (Gr7)
Teagan Mackenzie (13yrs)
Braelyn Mackenzie (12yrs)
Telia Lafontaine
Josh Svenson (Gr10)
Joel Svenson (Gr8)
Wesley Bailey (Gr9)
Ethan Bailey (Gr8)
Evan Dean
Ryan Dean (12yrs)
Renee Larsen (11yrs)
Eric Larsen (14yrs)
Sara Larsen (16yrs)
Myka Der
Jaden De Gange

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